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Your Commercial Property Partner

Citywide Commercials is a commercial property agency based in the Midlands. We act on behalf of commercial and residential property investors and developers identifying investment opportunities according to their specific requirements.

One of the many things we pride ourselves in is our ability to think laterally and imaginatively.  For example, where others may simply see a property remaining as is and in its existing use, we will consider alternative uses, or even combinations of uses. 


We consider the options of increasing the built space, reconfiguring floor plates, redesigning access points, etc.


We work with other related professionals, including planning, highway and parking consultants, and architects, to maximise the potential of every opportunity, thereby increasing the chances of an opportunity becoming a profitable reality.

Our Values


Professional - Always doing the right thing by our clients. 


Ethical - Applying principles of honesty and fairness in relationships with our clients.


Tenacious -  Determined and not giving up in reaching goals. Always looking at alternative solutions and possible outcomes.


Integrity - Commitment to doing the right thing at all times, with no exceptions.


Striving for excellence - Offering a first class service for our customers, ownership of the outcome.​

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